Black Metal Brewery


Brewing art is rooted in the dark and ancient times. It has facilitated the development of agriculture, the rise and fall of powerful civilisations and has, to a great extent, shaped of the world as we know it. Brewing and fermentation played an immensely important social role and were often seen as sacred physical manifestations of deities in old cultures. The most famous deity is probably Dionysus - the god of wine and beer who could bring people pleasure, happiness - or insanity. At Black Metal Brewery we continue this sacred ancient tradition, dedicatedly performing rituals to bring the true spirit into our drinks so that you can enjoy the taste of the dark magic. We provide real drinks of uncompromised quality for the fans of true metal, folk, ancient history - and beyond. 

The brewery - then without a brewing site except for own homes - was founded in 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland, by two old friends - metalheads and inspired brewers. Since those times much has changed, except for the uncompromised quality, strength and character of the now award-winning metal brews forged in Scotland. Currently blasting out mighty hectolitres on a 1000-litre system in Midlothian. We salute you, maniacs! Mighty Hails!


CAMRA Finalist in the Champion Bottled Beer of Britain Competition 2018: Blood Revenge rye stout, 6.6%

"Beer of the Festival" (Silver) award at Rothwell Beer Festival 2018: Yggdrasil pale ale, 6.6%

CAMRA Champion Real Ale in a Bottle of Scotland 2017: Blood Revenge rye stout, 6.6%

"Beer of the Festival" award at Ayrshire Real Ale Festival 2016: Gates of Valhalla oatmeal pale ale, 7.9%

Behold Thy Drink